The relay Kendi Gold Pancasila Sila Second June 7 to 11 , 2015 Jepara – Yogyakarta – Ciamis – Bandung – Sentul – Jakarta

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The relay Kendi Gold Pancasila Sila Second

June 7 to 11 , 2015 Jepara – Yogyakarta – Ciamis – Bandung – Sentul – Jakarta

WPC Online, Jakarta –

In order to commemorate the birth of Pancasila and Bhayangkara Day 2015 , the World Peace Committee handed one of the symbols of peace to Kepolisaian Police Headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta , Indonesia.

Police would like to thank the World Peace Committee , the community and the veterans for entrusting Kendi Gold to the police , “said Inspector General of Police Anton Kadivhumas Charliyan , in PoIisi Headquarters in Jakarta , Thursday ( 06/11/2015 ) .
Inspector General Anton Charliyan convey thanks from the police and to explain that the jug is handed over to the Police Headquarters is Kendi Sila two of five jugs called Kendi Pancasila .   Furthermore , Making Kendi Pancasila itself was initiated by the World Peace Committee ( World Peace ) . Jugs there are only five in accordance with the overall principle of Pancasila . After jug Pancasila Gold submitted to the Police Headquarters this time , it was complete whole jug precepts of Pancasila which has been officially handed over place as follows :
  1. Kendi sila pertama , laid out in the World Peace Gong in Jepara , Central Java

  2. Kendi Sila kedua, laid out in the National Police Headquarters , Jakarta

  3. Kendi sila ketiga , placed at the State Palace RI

  4. Kendi Sila Keempat, placed at the the MPR / DPR
  5. Kendi Sila Kelima di, placed at the Supreme Court.

This Kendi Pancasila gold ; as always , in every procession submission Pancasila jug always in title in the event the procession ; accompanied WPC as the originator and co- sma with citizens escorting Kendi Pancasila Gold for five days since Sunday in Jepara , dated June 7, 2015 until in Jakarta on June 11, 2015 route from Jepara passed through several cities, namely Yogyakarta – Ciamis – Bandung – Sentul until the destination city of Jakarta . And in each submission jug to stakeholders , there was also a variety of events involving the community elements .

President of the World Peace Committee Djuyoto Suntani , said that the good ratings from the public on the performance of the police into the early why it gives Kendi Gold Pancasila Sila Both the Police Headquarters. It considered the police institution is a state institution that is very loyal escort Pancasila . ” Since independence until the reform era , the police always maintain the existence of Pancasila and the Homeland , ” he said . The hope of the gold-colored jug hopefully will become a symbol of the start of a golden age for the police . “This is the beginning of the rise of the Police as always ready to serve , protect and serve the public . With this pitcher in the hands of the police , will be a milestone in the history of modern civilization for one earth , one country, one country because jugs made ​​of soil and water likens Land Air beloved of the Republic of Indonesia , “he continued to cover his speech at the Police Headquarters .

 in addition , please note that Kendi Sila Both submitted an embodiment of Sila Both Pancasila which reads ” Just and Civilized Humanity , that are expected to be encouraging police to continue to improve performance based on the humanity and justice .
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