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President of The World



 The World Peace Committee is an Institution of International Community and was declared in Basel City, Switzerland,  on the 7 March 1997. The vision and the mission are to invite of goodness the 202 Countries  of the International People’s  to collaborate in building peace, brotherhood and modesty as One Family of Earth.


President of the World Peace Committee Mr Djuyoto Suntani (left) and Secretary General Mr Francesco Paolo Scarciolla in Italy (right).




 World Peace Gong


World Peace Gong” is one of the principal products of the World Peace Committee created by the President of The World Peace Mr. Djuyoto Suntani and was launched for the first time in Bali, Indonesia,  on  31 December 2002 at 00.00 WITA by the President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia. The second launch was in Geneva, Switzerland  by the Secretary General of the United Nations on 5 February 2003 due to the Grand Opening of an event “Second Global Summit on World Peace” which to declared International Community  as only the “Facilitating  Brotherhood and Humankind Unification in Planet Earth” for all time. Hereinafter, it is brought to all over     

      Profile World Peace Gong. Outside Circle : Picture of Flag of 202 Countries around the world. Middle Circle : the letter World Peace Gong and Gong Perdamaian Dunia, Two Flower  as Identity. Inside Circle : symbol of the Big Religion all over of the world. Top Circle : Picture of Globe.

        The Duplicate of World Peace Gong was donated by the World Peace Committee to be placed permanently  with heart in different countries in all over the world as a concrete step to build peace, brotherhood and modesty on this Earth and at the same time realizing the philosophy of mankind all over the world as “One Family of Earth”.